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I purchased a Gucci bag through bag barrow or steal.the price was about $2000 listed at around $850 which as 30% discount.

When I received the bag I checked the pockets and found the receipt from a Gucci outlet in California where the bag was purchased, the receipt said the purchase price of the bag was $450. Bag Barrow and Steal charged me double for the bag instead. I returned the bag right away. This is my second bad encounter with the site and I will NEVER purchase from them again.

On more than one occasion they have more than disappointed me.The whole site is a HUGE SCAM and they cannot be trusted!!


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Naples, Florida, United States #1271579

How is that a scam?You are allowed to sell something for more than you paid for it.

It is called PROFIT.Your complaint is ***.

Besides it looks like the original buyer got it on sale too.

Reston, Virginia, United States #1183168

People actually sell bags for profits.They sold you the bag at the going rate.

They are under no obligation to give it to you for the sale price or even the best price. If you want to buy sale merchandise, visit the outlet instead of shopping online. Online shopping is a luxury because you're not getting off your butt so you won't be given the basement bargain price because you've done literally no work for it.

I buy things at outlets and resell them for profit.


It's NOT a scam.It's called "you are too *** to know how much you should pay for something".

If a store charges $100 for a bottle of water and you bought it, well then it's you own fault for not knowing that the price charged was ridiculous.Ain't the store's fault and certainly not scam.


how dare someone make a profit!


Do you not shop around before paying for things?


You liked the bag, you agreed on the price, what is the problem? You are not complaining about quality. There is no fault on the business because they are not a non-profit to make you look good, they have to make a profit.

to ana232 #1017158

Yesi agree that they too need to make a profit however it they are resellingan item for more than it is sold for at the retail store that is a rip off...Come on...

They are getting sloppy...

Had they done a proper inspection of the bag they would have found that receipt and priced it to suit it's current value for them to resell ....in the fashion world past seasons items lose their value like stale bread (some hold better LV, Chanel to name a few) but for avid buyers it's past season ...So this was practically a crime....obviously the buyers wanted a bit of luxury and was not familiar with it's original (not a crime on her part) just do your due diligence before purchasing in the future ...in the end BBS was wrong as an estsblished online retailer and should handle this quickly and quietly to make this right with the client....


Fashion employee

to Candyl411 #1106605

Not everything in the fashion world (and certainly not for designer handbags) lose values pass seasons.A lot of designer goods sell at retail (and sometimes more than retail) in the second-hand market, so it's not a rip-off.

Example - a vintage Chanel or Hermes Birkin may sell much more (even used) than the prices that were bought at. It's not a rip off by the store. It's simply that a lot of designer goods are investment pieces and hold their values well, so don't always expect to pay less than retail for a used product. The store did nothing wrong and NO, it's not a crime for them to sell you something above retail.

It happens very often with resale stores. Why should they "make this right" with you when they did NOTHING wrong.

Never bought from this store before but it is, among a few others, reputable resellers for designer goods so I think it's kind of wrong to drag their name in the mud and call they a "HUGE SCAM" when you didn't do your diligence. The store obviously assessed the bag and thought it's current resale value is what's listed.

Just because you don't like it, doesn't mean others won't pay this much.You obviously don't know much about designer handbag resale and the second-hand market as a whole so I urge you to stay away from it.

to Anonymous Naples, Florida, United States #1271581

Well said.It irritates me when dollar store customers try to be the designer expert.

Just like I had to learn about designers before I ever bought my first bag, so should she educate herself.

I paid $45 for a $10 item once. The item in question was only available on the west coast, and I wanted it. So...I bought it when it was offered.

The price was worth it to ME to complete a collection.People really should do their homework and understand how value is really assessed.

to Candyl411 Naples, Florida, United States #1271580

"it they are resellingan item for more than it is sold for at the retail store that is a rip off"

That is the dumbest response I have ever read.I have paid MORE than the original sale price for bags, (and other things) that were not available where I live, that could only be found online.

Especially if that item is vintage or no longer being produced.I swear, people like you really should take a common sense class before you shop.

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