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I bought a bag from this company, the $1,200 was taken out of my account in minutes. I paid for overnight delivery, I took the day off so I could be home to sign for the bag. Well, I arrive home this evening and have an email from them stating they need additional information and if I don't call them they will CANCEL my order. But wait, you have my full and correct address and payment in full. I'm a new customer! Why did you not call me? You... Read more

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I had ruined one of my favorite Burberry purses which was no longer available from Burberry so I decided to search the web for used designer purse and came across the Bag Borrow Or Steal website and found my purse on it. It was described as "lovingly used" and listed the minor imperfections on it. It was a final sale. As I had never deal with BBOS, I decided to look for reviews on it and came across this website. After reading all the negative... Read more

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Discriminatory policies are used to determined whether or not they rent. You must have the proper last name in order to rent from this place. If your name happens to be a common one then you are out of luck and will have to change it to a more caucasian sounding name.Called customer service for clarification and they apparently have no time to deal with people. Exactly why would a company think its acceptable to be so rude and racist! DO NOT... Read more

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I received a confirmation email for 2 bags I was purchasing from bbos. 1 bag was on sale, the other I was paying their price....BUT I had a 20% promo code for signing up to receive emails from them. Yay! I was getting one of the bags for a really great price! It raised a flag, they deleted the account (saying it was a duplicate account. Not so, BBOS). They told me I could still get the bags, but in the mean time the one bag was no longer on... Read more

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I'm trying to sell my designer bag from a few years ago, it doesn't have the standard shoulder strap,but thats what they did to some of the re-issues that year. Whoever the man was that I spoke to was not only very rude, but basically called me a liar and got even more of an attitude when i informed him (nicely) that i didn't change the original chain because the designer did something different that season. Also,if he or whoever they refer... Read more

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Contrary to what others have said, my experience with BBOS has been very pleasant. I bought my very first L V and very pleased with it. Almost new. I was expecting a bit more scratches and stains but that wasn't the case. Shipping was fast, too. Add comment

I have purchased a items from their site and my experiences have been 100% favorable! I purchased a silver Gucci bag that was an outlet item. I didn't pay attention to the listing to know it was from the outlet but I loved the bag, I only paid $450 and it was exactly what I wanted. I have noticed on other Gucci listings that if you actually read the product details they will disclose if the bag is from an outlet with the statement: "Please... Read more

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I sold 2 purses via this consignment company and I got less for what I expected cause they sold two of my designer purses ( louis vintage and Fendi ) at additional 20% plus their 30% fee. The items were not abused and over used so I was a bit disappointed ! They will not give you a quote so you can decide whether to sell unlike yoogis closet . The payment arrived within 14 days ! Hope this review is helpful Read more

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Went to rent a bag; first received an email that they could not find a credit report for me. Then I called them and spent two hours trying to call them on their "866" number which was clearly not in working order. I finally gave up and looked up their local number in Seattle, Washington. Spoke with a really rude girl there by the name of Jennifer. She said she needed my social security number to run a credit check. I gave it to her. Two... Read more

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I went to purchase a Chanel bag from Bag Borrow & Steal's buy section. I paid for the purchase and received confirmation of the receipt, which had been debited from my bank account. After a few days of not hearing anything with regards to shipping, I called Bag Borrow or Steal to find out more information on when my bag would arrive. That is where this story begins... I encountered, possibly, the rudest customer service agent I've ever... Read more

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